Social Justice And Mental Health: How Therapy Can Help

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Social Justice And Mental Health

Social justice, politics, and mental health rarely go well together.  Between former presidents taking the stand in courtrooms, a constant barrage of news coverage for scandalous political tweets, and a seemingly endless parade of shootings, racially motivated crimes, abortion protests, and a variety of other serious social issues, it’s no wonder people are stressed. Many are turning to social justice … Read More

Benefits of Using Group Supervision When Working Towards Licensure

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Group Therapy Supervision

Clinical supervision is critical for individuals working toward their licensure, but the rules around them can be complicated.  To become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania, for example, you must: Reach 3,000 of supervised clinical experience within two years, with at least 500 hours per year and no more than 1,800 per year. … Read More

‘Can I Stop Going to Therapy?’ Why You Should Keep Taking Your Medicine and Support Your Mental Health Even Over the Summer

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Can I Stop Going to Therapy?

Spring is in the air! And while that means blooming flowers, bright skies, and sunny days ahead, it also means we’ll likely see numerous clients decide to scale back on therapy.  It happens every year: The weather gets nice, people start feeling better emotionally and mentally, and they decide to skip therapy and even stop taking their medication.  By August, … Read More

‘Can I Pay For Therapy Out of Pocket?’ How to Get Therapy Without Insurance


Pay for Therapy Out of Pocket

As therapists, we believe therapy should be financially accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, many people struggle to find affordable therapy options in their area. In fact, two of the most common questions we hear from potential new clients are Can I pay for therapy out of pocket? and Can I get therapy without insurance? People are feeling financial constrictions all across … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Gestalt Therapy: What Is It, And How Does It Work?


Ultimate Guide to Gestalt Therapy

The ancient Greeks were among the smartest and most influential people to ever live, giving us the foundations of modern science and philosophy. One of their greatest contributions was a maxim inscribed upon the Temple of Apollo in Delphi: Know thyself. Even thousands of years ago, the Greeks realized that the ability to truly understand oneself is a powerful human … Read More

What Is Gray Divorce? How to Survive Divorce After 50

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Gray Divorce

Your wedding day is often the happiest day of your life. Between marrying your best friend, celebrating with family, and dancing the night away, there are hundreds of wonderful moments to enjoy. The last thing on your mind is divorce.  Unfortunately, somewhere between 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. And more and more, these … Read More

Therapy for Involuntary Childlessness: Understanding This Painful Lifestyle

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Involuntary childlessness, as the term suggests, is when an individual or couple is unable to have children—despite the desire to do so. Across the United States, millions of people suffer through involuntary childlessness every year.  Therapy for involuntary childlessness can help. Through therapy, you can move beyond the emotional pain of involuntary childlessness and either explore solutions or come to … Read More

First Responder Therapy: Helping Heroes Through Trauma

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First Responder Therapy

First responders have difficult jobs. Police officers regularly face intense, life-threatening scenarios. Firefighters risk their lives every time they run into a burning building. And paramedics provide emergency care in even the most gruesome scenarios. With so many stressful hazards thrown into a single shift, many of these individuals inquire about first responder therapy.  And that’s a good thing. Mental, … Read More

Therapy For Teachers: Ins and Outs of Counseling for Educators

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Teacher Therapy

It takes a special type of person to work in education. You have to be smart, articulate, in touch with pop culture, have a passion for working with kids, and love learning. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more educators—the people who help shape and raise the next generation of adults—entering therapy for teachers.  The mental health of teachers across the … Read More

What Is EMDR Therapy?

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What Is EMDR Therapy?

Many of us have painful memories that seem to haunt us throughout the day. These moments from the past creep into our psyche, and they interfere with our moods, our relationships, and even our careers.  Obviously, we’re big believers in therapy, but we’re especially excited about EMDR therapy, a powerful form of therapy that “rewires” the way our brain accesses … Read More