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Put An End To Trauma Dictating Your Life

Why You’re Having Problems Feeling Present

Your mind is a complex body of work. 

Negative thoughts have a forceful way of reflecting through your body language, self-confidence, and capability to solve problems. As each negative thought continues to chip away at your power to be yourself, it can be extremely hard to see a way out.

If you struggle to cope with trauma, anxiety, depression, and other similar issues, you know what it’s like not to feel like yourself. Whether you’re at work or home, or out with friends and family, you feel yourself putting on a mask to get through the day without addressing what’s needed to move forward with your life.

But you don’t need a body double to fake it ‘til you make it.

The help you need to make true progress is a click away with My Wellness Center.

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Who We Guide



You deserve to share your story and find a way that works for you to enjoy your future.

Expecting Mothers

Your voice and mental health matter – even when your body is being shared with another.


You should feel encouraged to be honest with yourself, unleash your emotions, and grow from your experiences.


Teens & Adolescents

Your problems are real, which is why we offer a safe place to feel supported.



You’re entitled to a space where you feel welcome, heard, and unjudged.


Adoptive Parents

Your children mean everything to you – it’s okay to ask questions, worry about the unknown, and explore mindful solutions.

Work It Out With EMDR Therapy

Why EMDR Therapy For My Wellness Center?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that’s proven to desensitize anxiety for those who suffer from PTSD, trauma, and other related disorders.

My Wellness Center specializes in EMDR therapy use, offering an external stimulus while you reflect on your more troubling memories. Depending on your therapist, they may use lateral eye movement, audio, and hand-tapping during your session to engage with you.

Our end goal is to alter your way of thinking and treat those disorders by lowering feelings of extreme stress over time.

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Knowledge That Nurtures Is The New Normal

Tomi Ward

Tomilyn (“Tomi”) Ward, LPC, MPC, Founder, My Wellness Center

Before Tomi established My Wellness Center, she worked as a trauma-informed therapist at a nonprofit assisting low-income pregnant women in need of guidance. She has also worked as a birth doula, attending over 30 births. 

While working closely with many individuals, she observed the lack of support surrounding numerous groups, including expecting mothers, their spouses, adoptive and birth families, veterans, and adolescents.

After over a decade of counseling numerous individuals and families, Tomi believes My Wellness Center’s team of experienced therapists can positively impact more pregnant or expecting parents, veterans, young adults, and members of the LGBTQTIA+ community than ever before.

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Healing Is A Journey, Let's Take It Together.

Insurance Accepted

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A few of our therapists offer a sliding scale option for those without insurance.
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Sessions are typically billed at $130 per session. There are some clinicians who offer sliding scale rates. To inquire more, please fill out the form above and ask about pricing during your intake call.

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