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You are not alone.

These are words you’ve likely heard before, but you have your doubts about their meaning.

There are blanket statements people use when they believe they’re helping, like…

"It will be fine."

"Look on the bright side of things."

"Everything happens for a reason."

Or worse…Their eyes gloss over, and you feel completely unheard.

Sharing painful parts of your life with a family member, friend, or someone else you expect to listen takes a massive amount of courage. And it’s important to know that everyone handles trauma differently. But sometimes, what you feel has too much of an impact on your life. It may affect your professional aspirations, relationship with your spouse, ability to cope, family life, and so much more.

When you find yourself in this space, it’s important to hear less about not being alone, and more about finding a professional therapist familiar with trauma who can truly help.

Our Experienced Therapists in Pittsburgh Each Have Their Own Deep Understanding of Trauma, Living With Its Effects, and How to Heal.

As you make progress, we’ll continue to be there for you and your total wellness every step of the way.
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Heal From Your Trauma Holistically
With Professional Therapy

Life-Altering Counseling For Families & Individuals In Pittsburgh
Whether you experience PTSD as a veteran, perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, postpartum depression, or fear of asking questions as an uncertain teen, My Wellness Center in Pittsburgh offers treatment without judgment to tame your triggers and help you move forward.

PTSD For Veterans & Beyond

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Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder

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Postpartum Disorder

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Depression & Anxiety

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Coping With Trauma


Dealing With Narcissists

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Domestic & International Adoption Matters

Tomilyn Ward featured on The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Guy Macpherson interviews Tomilyn on the topic of empowering pregnant women

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Empowering Pregnant Women with Tomilyn Ward

Could You Benefit From Methods Other Than Talk Therapy?

Begin Healing In 4 Appointments Or Less With EMDR Therapy:

Talk therapy is great, but it doesn’t always give individuals the tools they need to move past what’s holding them back.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that engages clients with an external stimulus while they briefly tap into their distressing memories. Lateral eye movement, audio, and hand-tapping are most practiced during therapy sessions.

Immediate benefits of EMDR therapy help clients…

  • Relieve stress
  • Control trigger responses
  • Diminish negative thoughts
  • Think of solutions to move forward
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How We Make A Difference With EMDR

Tomi Ward

Tomilyn (“Tomi”) Ward, LPC, MPC, Founder, My Wellness Center

Founded by Tomilyn (“Tomi”) Ward, LPC, MPC, My Wellness Center offers counseling for families and individuals in Pittsburgh looking to heal from past events and alter their mindset to cope with triggers. Specifically, we offer therapy to those who are struggling with life’s milestones like pregnancy, and adoption, veterans with PTSD, and young adults struggling to identify with their sexuality.

We believe in EMDR therapy to assist clients with processing, and adapting their learning to eliminate emotional distress and develop their rational cognitive insights.

If you’re seeking counseling in Pittsburgh, our team of experienced therapists offers their support – not just a diagnosis.

It’s your journey. Let’s take it together.

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Your Progress is Our Purpose

Heal From Past Experiences

Focus less on the past and more on the next steps needed to meet the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Change Your Perspective

Gain awareness of the habits and thoughts that keep holding you back and develop the skills to keep going.

Be Heard

Let go, lose control, feel free to be honest with yourself, and share how you’re feeling with your therapist in a comfortable space.

Find A Genuine Connection

Talk to a knowledgeable therapist who knows and understands what you’re feeling – because they’ve been through it, too.

Align Your Body & Mind

Have an overall reset by pairing improved mental clarity with all of your body’s needs.

Feel Truly Supported

You have the power to master the skills you need to regain control of your life with confidence.

Finally Set Boundaries

Practice the art of putting your needs first to best support your future self.

Move Forward With Your Life

Attend therapy for as long as you need until you’re ready to progress past your trauma.

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule a consultation with your insurance information on hand.

Step 2

Join a 15-minute consultation to see if My Wellness Center is a good fit for you.

Step 3

Start by meeting with your therapist in person or in a teletherapy session.

We Accept the Following Insurance

UPMC InsuranceHighmark InsuranceBlue Cross/Blue Shield InsuranceAetna InsuranceCigna InsuranceTricare InsuranceMedicaid
A few of our therapists offer a sliding scale option for those without insurance.
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A Word From Our Team Member

“Everyone wants to hold the baby, who wants to hold the mum?”
- Angela

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