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“About 1 in 10 U.S. adults are adopted, primarily privately – about 13% are through foster care and about 4% of adoptions are international.”

— 2022 U.S. Adoption Attitudes Survey

How Can Adoption Counseling Services Help?

For Birth Mothers & Biological Fathers

If you’ve gone through or are preparing to go through the adoption process, your mind is likely abuzz with a million questions, which is completely normal.

Some of those questions may be…

How does it work?

What if I regret my decision?

Will I still be able to name my baby?

How do I choose the right adoptive family?

Should I agree to an open or closed adoption?

Am I getting all of the support necessary to make this decision?

We’re listening.

All too often, birth mothers have their involuntary rights taken away with little to zero understanding of what happened and why. 

Through private adoption agencies and other organizations, women are regularly pressured to give up their babies even when they aren’t certain about the decision they’re making.

For Adoptive Parents

If you’re someone who is preparing to or has already adopted a child, there is no clear-cut rulebook for your role either. 

You might be asking…

What should I be aware of when adopting a child of a different ethnicity?

How will having biological children affect my adopted child or children?

What if they have questions about their biological families later on?

Will I ever feel a genuine connection with the child I adopt?

When is the right time to tell them that they’re adopted?

What do I tell them about their medical history?

Your questions are valid, too.

There isn’t a ton of existing trust and transparency between adoption entities and adoptive parents. Additionally, feelings before and after adopting a child can be seriously complex, even as time passes. And there are increasingly more layers of complication when dealing with international or transracial adoption.

Furthermore, in both cases moving forward, adoptees on the local and international levels can end up developing and learning to live with attachment issues, feelings of confusion, abandonment, and much more – all of which aren’t so freely discussed.

A Knowledgeable Guide With Your Best Interests At Heart

Whether you’re a birth parent, trusted guardian, adoptive parent, or adoptee, your feelings are valuable in a discussion where many concerns are left unaddressed.

The therapists at My Wellness Center work with individuals and families to offer trustworthy, reliable, and honest support – wherever they may be in their journey.

Possible treatment options include:

  • Regular Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Family Counseling
  • One-On-One Counseling
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Discuss Adoption Counseling Options With My Wellness Center And…

Feel free to express your thoughts in a safe space

Develop healthy coping skills you can use throughout your lifetime

Strengthen familial bonds

Learn how to navigate certain situations

Better prepare for your future

Be an advocate for yourself and your child.

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Meet My Wellness Center’s Founder

Tomilyn has a Master's in Professional Counseling Degree from Carlow University and is also an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner. 

As an adoptive parent herself, she’s familiar with a variety of adoption issues and knows how severe their impact can be on individuals and families across the world. 

She works with clients who have had their parental rights taken both voluntarily and involuntarily. Her additional experience includes working as a birth doula attending over 30 births, 15 of which were adoptive births. Tomi was even able to experience and learn from watching the birth of her own daughter.

Always advocating for what’s right for a mother and her child, she founded the MAYA Organization – a nonprofit organization that supports birth mothers as they go through the adoption process. MAYA continues to assist pregnant and parenting individuals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tomi is also a licensed Florida Telehealth Provider.

More About Tomi
Tomi Ward

Tomilyn (Tomi) Ward, LPC, MPC

Founder, CEO, & Therapist

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