Tomilyn Ward

Tomilyn (Tomi) Ward, LPC, MPC

EMDR Therapist. Founder & CEO. Social Justice Advocate.

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    Education & Certifications

    Carlow University
    MS, Professional Counseling


    • EMDR
    • Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder
    • Depression
    • Anxiety Disorders
    • Postpartum Anxiety & Depression
    • Infant Loss
    • Birth Processing
    • Traumatic Birth
    • Provider Birth Processing
    • Parenting
    • Talk Therapy


    Before Tomi established My Wellness Center, she worked as a trauma-informed therapist at a nonprofit assisting low-income pregnant women in need of guidance. She has also worked as a birth doula, attending over 30 births.

    She's worked closely with expecting mothers and their spouses while picking up additional skills and knowledge about everyday struggles others attempt to deal with on their own, such as trauma, pre- and postpartum disorders, childhood abuse, and PTSD.  

    During this path in her career, she found that there are far more expecting mothers and their partners who need therapy services but don't have access to adequate support, which leaves them stressed, frustrated, and often helpless.

    Additionally, Tomi observed a major flaw within the adoption process, realizing the extensive need for readily accessible adoption support for adoptive and birth families throughout their lifetimes.

    After repeatedly becoming frustrated with the number of roadblocks that prevented her from fully helping those who needed her most, she did something about it.

    In 2009, Tomi founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit, MAYA Organization. MAYA focuses on two initiatives that are still in practice today – supporting people during pregnancy and beyond in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    She is truly dedicated to the therapeutic process and takes three times the required number of continuing education courses annually. She is committed to offering the most effective therapeutic techniques, to best connect the mind and body.

    After over a decade of counseling numerous individuals and families, Tomi is taking a step back to focus on expanding the My Wellness Center team. She aims to increase My Wellness Center's potential and impact to reach far more pregnant or expecting parents, veterans, young adults, and members of the LGBTQTIA+ community than ever before.

    Tomi is also a licensed Florida Telehealth Provider.

    What Can Tomi Help You With?

    Familiar Speaking Engagement Topics

    EMDR Therapy

    EMDR therapy is completely different from talk therapy. Its benefits include diminishing symptoms associated with trauma, PTSD, and more.  Tomi will break down its use and why she believes in its practice while discussing the following:

    • Why EMDR Therapy Is Different
    • EMDR Case Studies
    • Positive Effects On PTSD Symptoms
    • EMDR Therapy & Military Veterans
    • And More

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    Pregnancy & Parenting

    Just as not every pregnancy is identical, not every expecting parent feels the same as others – and that’s okay. She will talk about why that is, along with the real meaning of “baby blues” at your next speaking engagement while covering the following:

    • Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder
    • Postpartum Anxiety & Depression
    • Grieving The Loss Of An Infant
    • Birth Processing
    • Traumatic Birth
    • Provider Birth Processing
    • Parenting
    • And More

    Pregnancy and Parenting »


    Becoming a parent to an adopted child and being an adoptee can have lasting effects on the mindsets of both parties. Furthermore, the questions surrounding adoption rarely change. Tomi will help you make sense of it all at your upcoming speaking event and discuss:

    • 7 Core Issues In Adoption
    • Early Attachment Theory
    • Multicultural Awareness
    • Adoptees With Trauma
    • Adoption & Social Justice
    • Lack Of Support For Birthmothers
    • And More

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