Natalie Garritano

Operations Manager

Connect with Natalie for therapy and outreach inquiries:


    Natalie Garritano is our newly acquired operations manager and outreach coordinator.  She is dedicated, focused, and enthusiastic to take on the day to day operations at My Wellness Center.  Taking the position with a hands on approach to provide her professional experience in supporting the therapists, patients, and company as a whole.  Natalie is known for going the extra mile in providing such assistance with a “whatever it takes” attitude.
    Having past experience & previous employment in an outpatient facility, her drive and primary purpose above all else is to simply provide patients with the proper avenues to get the help that they need.  As a result, she has built direct relationships with staff at numerous facilities all focusing on the main goal of acquiring help for patients.  She is motivated to let people who need help know that there are outlets and resources available, and takes pride in being a part of that process.
    Natalie uses her own life experiences and unique skill set to make patients feel safe in a completely judgment free environment.  She recognizes that asking for help is never easy and thrives on being one of the people who can provide a direct outlet for such help.