Jen O'Brien

MA, CAADC, MPC Clinical Intern

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    Education & Certifications

    Duquesne University
    Master of Arts – Clinical Psychology


    As a highly trained trauma response and crisis therapist, certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, and certified DBT counselor, Jen specializes in helping individuals facing various challenges such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, psychotic spectrum disorders, relationship issues, and gender transition. Jen's expertise extends to working with clients on the Autism Spectrum, utilizing behavioral analysis, behavior modification, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Women's issues in counseling, especially those related to gender transition and postpartum depression.

    During her therapy sessions, Jen prioritizes your expertise in your lived experience and works collaboratively with you to achieve your wellness goals without judgment, advice, or commentary. Your comfort and control over the session topics are paramount, and we proceed at a pace that suits you.

    With over 25 years of experience, Jen has provided support to adults, teens, and children dealing with serious and persistent mental health concerns. Her extensive background includes working in mental health inpatient and outpatient community centers, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and even serving as a clinical supervisor for other therapists. Jen has also held leadership positions such as executive director of a 48-bed inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for men and assistant clinical director of a 16-bed inpatient drug and alcohol forensic rehabilitation program. Additionally, Jen has been deeply involved in supporting the homeless population through HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis education, testing, and referrals, as well as offering counseling to grieving families as a hospice counselor. Furthermore, her advocacy work with the LGBTQIA+ community and involvement in research on postpartum depression at the University of Pittsburgh further enrich her expertise and commitment to holistic mental health care.