Speak Your Mind As You Transition Into Motherhood

Speak Your Mind As You Transition Into Motherhood

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“Up to 45% of new mothers have reported experiencing birth trauma.”

— Journal of Perinatal Education

How Do I Know If I Need Perinatal Or Postpartum Counseling?

If you’re a new or expecting mother, you might have questions about your pregnancy, emotions, and so much more. 

You might even…

Be unexcited about celebrating your pregnancy

Often feel depressed or anxious

Feel unable to connect with your baby or partner

Seriously doubt yourself as a parent

Be unable to sleep even when your baby is sleeping

Think about harming yourself or your baby

You are heard.

But struggling in silence isn’t a reliable solution, and chances are that your symptoms of Perinatal Mood Disorder and Postpartum Depression will get worse over time without help from an experienced therapist. 

My Wellness Center offers an effective alternative to staying silent about your pain.

Serious Support For Expecting Mothers

Becoming a mother in any capacity is no easy milestone, and everything you’re feeling is valid.

My Wellness Center’s team of seasoned therapists works with moms before, during, and after their pregnancies to ensure they have the helping hand they need to be the best possible version of themselves.

Possible treatment options include:

  • Routine Therapy
  • Support Groups
  • Family & Relationship Counseling
  • Medication
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Start Perinatal Or Postpartum Therapy With My Wellness Center And…

Finally get the rest you need to take care of yourself and your baby

Develop and enhance communications with your family

Better prepare for upcoming lifestyle changes

Ease feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression

Improve your self-confidence

Take control of your mind and body.

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Meet My Wellness Center’s Founder

Tomilyn has a Master's in Professional Counseling Degree from Carlow University and is also an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner. She works with clients who have experienced traumatic births, PTSD, grief and loss, anxiety, voluntary and involuntary termination of parental rights, and domestic violence. She has also previously worked as a birth doula, attending over 30 births.

She also founded the MAYA Organization, a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting people during and after pregnancy. MAYA continues to serve the needs of pregnant and parenting people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tomi is also a licensed Florida Telehealth Provider.

About Tomi
Tomi Ward

Tomilyn (Tomi) Ward, LPC, MPC

Founder, CEO, & Therapist

Beginning Perinatal Or Postpartum Therapy

Step 1

Tell us about you and your pregnancy by filling out the form.

Step 2

Take a few minutes to talk to a therapist who can help.

Step 3

Start treatment with teletherapy or in-person sessions.

Are you ready to speak up for your mental health?

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Need Mental Support To Navigate Through Your Pregnancy & Beyond?

Find perinatal counseling and pregnancy mental health services at My Wellness Center.

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